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Product Code : Roasted Bentonite Granules
Brand Name : Cm
Product Description
Backed with a team of expert professionals, we have emerged as a successful manufacturer, supplier and exporter of standard grade Bentonite with high efficacy rate. Obtained from reliable vendors, the provided granular item has been composed and processed by utilizing premium grade raw materials and state of the art technique. The offered granular item is used as suitable plant growth promoting agent, phorate and micro nutrient by pesticides and bio fertilizer production units. We are offering these granules as per different requirements of customers. Our valued customers can obtain this quality approved Bentonite at competitive price range.

Salient Features:

The offered granular item is completely free form toxic elements
Procured from nature
Its unique chemical properties have contributed to its high efficacy rate
It does not contain moisture and it is acknowledged for its high absorption level
It combines elements like seaweed extract and amino acid
Enriched with colloidal properties
Precise formulation and long storage life

Other Details:

  • Good moisture absorption capacity
  • Useful for enhancing soil fertility level
  • Air tight packing ensures adulteration free composition
  • Formulated by using finest grade elements
  • Pollutant free nature
  • Balanced composition of nitro benzene, bio sulpher and amino acid
  • Free from impurities and is suitable for long storage purpose

Composition and Properties: 

    Particulars  -  Contents
    Appearance -   Granular
    Colour   - Black
    Liquid Holding Capacity   - 15-20%
    Bulk Density  -  1-1.2 gm/ml
    Moisture  -  3% max.     

Chemical Properties: 

    Silica (SiO2) - Min. 40% 
    Iron (Fe2O3) - Min. 10% 
    Magnesium (MgO) - Min. 5% 
    Manganese (Mn) - Traces 
    Calcium (CaO) - Min 4% 

Known for its good absorption capacity, Bentonite is a type of aluminium phyllosilicate with features similar to impure clay. Most of its content comprises of Montmorillonite. In 1898, Wilbur C. Knight named absorbent clay as Bentonite after the name of Cretaceous Benton Shale near Rock River,Wyoming in America. Set up in 1963, the Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited (GMDC) is the prime lignite and minerals mining company across in India. This state regulated organization is possessed by Government of Gujarat.

We are a major name in the market of Bentonite, worldwide. Our company has an extensive stock of high-quality Sodium and Calcium Bentonite. These are thoroughly mined & processed into several grades. Also, they are available in different forms such as dried / crushed lumps, granules and powder etc. to meet the diverse needs of clients. Our Bentonite Products are used in a range of industries including: Construction, Paper, Detergents, Drilling, Iron Ore Pelletisation, Metal Casting, Pet Litter, and more. First discovered in Fort Benton, America, Bentonite is an extremely colloidal clay mineral. There are multiple properties of bentonite, such as: hydration, water absorption, viscosity, swelling and thixotropy, making it a versatile product for various industries.

Mainly two varieties of bentonite are available: Sodium Bentonite (high swelling, gelling & thermal durability) and Calcium Bentonite (less swelling, commonly available world-wide).

Based in Kutch (Gujarat, India), we have a large stock of both Sodium & Calcium based Bentonite. We keep up with high quality, high montmorrilonite based Sodium grades for different industry sectors. Over the years, we have developed several processing facilities with considerable capacity additions on mechanical activation, granulation and grinding etc. Presently, we have a grinding capacity of over 250,000 Mts to cater to the increasing needs in India as well as abroad. Further, we have fully equipped laboratories and state-of- art R&D facility, for quality control and improvement in our processes as well as products. We work with the aim to provide consistent, improved & new products to our customers.

Bentonite – the clay with a 1000 uses.

A highly versatile mineral, Bentonite caters to a broad range of industries, and has a wide variety of applications:

1. Application in Palletising

Used as a binding agent in the manufacture of iron ore pellets. It has higher natural percentage of iron, ideal for isolating iron ore pellets with supreme iron percentage. It is a very economical & efficient binding agent, and widely acknowledged for Pelletization of iron or teconite ores.


  • Fine free flow powder, 80% finer than the 200 mesh.

  • Excellent water update & retention that creates effective bond between particles.

  • Comprises low silica, hence no extra slag formation.

  • Good water absorption, and thus easy formation of pellets.

  • Granules grow up fast as they roll.

  • Maintained binding strength before / after drying of pellets.

  • Retained pallet shape even on rough handling.

2. Application in Construction & Civil Engineering

Bentonite has been traditionally used in civil engineering applications: as a support, thixotropic & lubricant agent in diaphragm foundations & walls; in tunnelling, horizontal directional drilling & pipe jacking. With its viscosity & plasticity, it is also utilized in Portland cement & mortars. It is acknowledged by civil construction industries for stabilization of the slopes during excavation in unsteady grounds, and for land fill applications.


  • A natural sodium bentonite.
  • Very helpful in excavation.
  • Thixotropic properties even in extremely saline soil.
  • Fine particle size enters deep into cracks & cleavages to clog pores.

3. Applications in Drilling

Bentonite has been used as a mud constituent for oil & water well drilling. It seals the borehole walls to withdraw drill cuttings, and is good for cutting head lubricating. Special higher mud results in less use of Bentonite, for the same standardized mud. This helps in lesser requirement of Bentonite. It is widely applicable in oil/water well drilling applications, in strata and saline soil.


  • Gives high barrel output
  • Small loss of drilling fluids
  • Matching weighting agents
  • Resists formation pressure
  • 3% to 5% of mineral develops 15 centipoise viscosity

When encounter with brine and high temperature in heavy drilling, the Bentonite retains thixotopic properties. It is also recognized for natural gas drilling and oil well applications, under high temperatures & pressures. With its stable gelling characteristics, it is ideal for petroleum industry.

5. Application in Food, Oil & Liquor Industry

Bentonite is used in the removal of oils' impurities where its adsorptive properties are important in the processing of edible oils & fats (palm / soya / canola oil). It is utilized as a clarification agent in drinks such as alcoholic beverage, mineral water, and in products like honey and sugar. Also, it is accepted widely for the clarification purpose in fruit juices etc.


  • Suspended fibrous solids and colloids from liquors & fruit juices.
  • Substances creating haze, coagulants and settling.
  • Offending colors, flavors & odors.
  • Phenol, protein tanning & fungi made from natural enzyme, during the processing.
  • Non-toxic & chemically non-reactive.

6. Application in Agriculture Industry

Bentonite is used as an animal feed supplement, as a pelletising support in the manufacture of animal feed pellets, and as a flow-ability assistance for unconsolidated feed ingredients. Also, it is used as an ion exchanger for the improvement / conditioning of soil. It can be utilized as a porous ceramic carrier for several pesticides & herbicides, when thermally treated. With high porosity and natural distance between the layers, the Bentonite is a perfect material for the agriculture industry.

7. Application in Pesticide Industry

Pesticides' granule formulation is a very easy & safe way of Pesticides application. During the application, Granules are less capable to drift as compared with spray & dusting. They can be used even in the condition of wind. The granular formulation of pesticides is effective in the control of harmful insects / weeds during the growth of crop. It slowly releases active ingredients over a long period of time. During the formulation, it does not club to the Granulator wall as it is extremely absorbent.

8. Application in Animal Feed

Bentonite is widely used by veterinarians as nutrient in animal and cattle feed.


  • It spreads equally and quickly on food mass.
  • Non-toxic and safe.
  • Assists in the absorption of nutrients and digestion.
  • Helps increase milk yield in dairy animals, wool in sheep, body weight in chicken & egg quality in layers.
  • Helps increase 5% of animal feed with enhanced nutritional benefit.
  • With good clumping properties, the Bentonite is perfect for good extrusions with little quantity.

9. Application in Fertilizer Industry

An eco-friendly carrier of fertilizers, Bentonite is accepted by NPK and DAP fertilizer manufacturers. It is effective for the enhancement of microbial activities as well as improving the fertility of soils.


  • Provides a cover over fertilizer grains, and decreases fertilizer loss.
  • Seals lower bed of soil to cut down the percolation of water, decreasing water pollution.
  • Keeps grains dry as well as allows smooth mechanical handling.
  • Works as a soil activator, turns saline soil into the neutral, and maintain pH value around 7.
  • Helps increase the dark color of leaves, enhancing its photosynthesis process, and thus good for growth & health of the plant.
  • Help enhance the water retention capacity of soil.
  • Non toxic & Eco-friendly.
  • Considerable increase in crops yields, due to better soil health.

10. Application in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

With its absorption/adsorption functions, the Bentonite is utilized as a filler in pharmaceuticals & cosmetics. Its applications cover industrial protective creams, wet compresses, calamine lotion and anti-irritants for eczema. In medicine, it is utilized as an antidote in deep metal poisoning. Personal care products such as: sunburn paint, mud packs, face creams, baby & face powders.


  • Fine particles and colloidal size give consistent suspension.
  • Excellent absorption property, thus excellent carrier.
  • Non-toxic, neutral base & non-abrasive.
  • Economical & efficient.

11. Application in Detergents

Bentonite is used in the production of laundry detergents, liquid hand cleansers, and soaps etc. It helps remove the impurities in solvents as well as soften the fabrics.

12. Application in Paints, Dyes & Polish

With its good thixotropic properties, the bentonite functions as a thickening / suspension agent and used in paints & varnishes. Its adsorption properties are also good for the finishing of indigo dying cloth & dyes.

13. Application in Cleaning Cat Litter

Bentonite has an advantage with its ability to absorb / refuse by forming clumps, when used for cat litter.

14. Application in Paper Making

Bentonite is essential for paper making, where it is utilized in pitch control, to improve the conversion efficiency of pulp into paper, and to improve the paper quality. Also, it offers useful de-inking properties for recycling of paper. Acid activated bentonite is the active element in the manufacture of carbon less copy paper.

15. Application in Ceramics Industry

Bentonite helps in stabilizing fine, technical & heavy ceramic products. It is used as anti-settling agent in glazes & engobes, as plasticizer, and as fluxing agent.

16. Application as a Catalyst

The chemically adapted clay catalysts find use in a broad range of works, where acid catalysis is an important process. Particularly, they are used in the alkylation activities to produce fuel additives.

17. Application as Electrical Earthing

Bentonite is used for improving ground conductance in the electrical earthing. Low resistance electrocon natural sodium bentonite is ideal for electrical earthing of rocky ground pit.


  • Higher iron oxides content and low silica gel, promote adequate rod-soil contact in the earthing.
  • Helps retain moisture in pit and maintain the ground conductivity.
  • No earthing conductors corrosion.

18. Application in Water Proofing

Bentonite has superior filtration loss properties, making it perfect for water proofing applications. Also helps in environment protection.

19. Application in Foundries

Bentonite offers green sand moulds with good flow ability, thermal stability & compact ability for the manufacture of high-quality castings.

Apart from the above cited industries, the Bentonite also find use in some other areas.


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